We provide a complete construction service from design to handover


CD&B mainly builds residential housing and is staffed by experienced engineers and project managers who have worked locally and internationally in the construction of hotels and luxury housing, this level of experience ensures that all CD&B projects are finished with absolute attention to detail.


What We Do?

CEBU DESIGN and BUILD (CD&B) will work with you to develop your desired house design within your land plot following which we will produce initial sketch designs for review.

These initial sketches will be further developed by our architectural team to provide you with 3D concept design for approval.

The final design step is the development of the detail construction drawings which will be submitted to the various planning authorities for approval.

After approvals are completed CD&B will provide you with a works schedule and manage the building phase of your home to the agreed specifications and budget.

The whole process typically takes 8-12 months to complete.


Design Process

CEBU DESIGN and BUILD (CD&B) will work closely with you throughout the project. Open and constant communication is very important to ensure that your outline design progresses smoothly to detail design and that all client requirements are gathered during the design process.

The concept designs are developed through a process of communicating your needs until the final drawing packages are developed, these include:

  • Architectural
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Plumbing
  • 3D Aspect



CEBU DESIGN and BUILD (CD&B) are very experienced at working through the planning and approvals process in Cebu and can anticipate design and administrative issues before taking the project to the applications approval and construction stage.

If you are ready to proceed and need assistance to design and build your dream home in the Philippines then please contact CD&B who will be happy to assist you.

The various stages are listed below:
  • Building Contract
  • Design and Costing Development
  • Preparation of Plans Agreement
  • Administration
  • Applications and Approvals
  • Construction Phase
  • Commissioning
  • Handover



After you, the client agrees that the drawings are complete and you are happy to proceed then the application process begins.

This process begins with your local barangay, then the sub division discipline experts and all other relevant government authorities who are required by law to review and approve the construction drawings.

Experienced Network

CD&B will manage this process to ensure that the procedure goes forward smoothly as we are familiar with the procedural requirements and also have an available network of experienced designers to call upon if there are any proposed or late changes to the existing government planning requirements.



Following the finalization of the applications we move to the construction stage which is where each project is micro managed on a day to day basis in order to fulfill the scheduled project activities of the build.

Each project is allocated a site manager who is both qualified and experienced so as to manage the project proactively to the agreed schedule.

If you decide to employ CD&B as your designer/builder

You can be confident of a quality finished product built to within the exacting standards
of the Philippine building regulations with earthquake engineering considered in the structural design analysis.

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